Phystone corporate governance structures, principles, policies and practices provide a comprehensive framework to:


Corporate accountability refers to the obligation and responsibility to give an explanation or reason for the company’s actions and conduct. We ensure accountability to our shareholders and stakeholders.


Shareholders and stakeholders interest are our priority, their right to accurate and timely financial information and information about those serving on the board of directors.

We treat all stakeholders s including minorities, reasonably, equitably and provide effective redress for violations. Establishing effective communication mechanism is important in ensure just and timely protection of resource sand people asset as well correcting of wrongs


Provide clear information to shareholders and other stakeholders. Disclosure of material matters concerning the organization’s performance and activities should be timely and accurate to ensure that all investors have access to clear, factual information which accurately reflects the financial, social and environmental position of the organization.


We maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity.